Inner Child/Shadow Work Session Info

What does an Inner Child/Shadow Work session look like? 


Often there are aspects within us that are hidden or out of our consciousness yet they are driving the bus of our lives. Part of the process of healing is to bring hidden or shadow aspects of ourselves into the light of our consciousness to heal, integrate, and move towards a place of wholeness. 


I have developed a method of helping to bring the shadow aspects of self to the surface to heal and integrate. This work can be engaged in from a place of stability and when you have fostered enough coping skills and internal resourcing to do some deep internal processing. I begin the session by leading you through a safe space guided meditation to establish a starting point of safety. From there you either can pick a charged memory from the past or allow yourself to travel back to a memory that is arising in your consciousness. I use my intuition to help facilitate a dialogue between the adult part of self and the younger or shadow aspect of self. This process helps those younger or shadow aspects of self to receive support from the more mature aspects of yourself in a way that you may never have received. 


You can give yourself the words, comfort, and emotional support that you may have never received as a child. Repressed emotions often emerge when engaging in this work. I have seen clients be freed of past memories that had haunted them for years. When you release the emotional charge of a memory it helps to free you and allows you to live more fully in the present. 


This work can also be engaged through specific writing exercises, bringing the awareness to the body - known as body tracking, and incorporating Reiki.