Mind, Body, & Spiritual Coaching Info

What can I learn from a Mind, Body, & Spiritual Coaching session? 


I was trained in traditional Western psychology techniques, along with body-based interventions. I also bring experience from attending many intuitive, energy work, and spiritually oriented classes and workshops. I believe in healing from a mind, body, and spiritual perspective as they are all interconnected and impact one another. I have a number of different tools and techniques to pull from and utilize in order to help guide you to bring about positive change within yourself and your life. Below are some of the tools and techniques that I utilize: 



-Ways to identify and name negative thought loops and tools to shift negative thought patterns into more positive and realistic ones

-How to use positive affirmations and mantras

-Create a healthy relationship with yourself through the use of mirror work and positive affirmations and mantras

-Mindfulness techniques

-Guided meditation and visualization 



-Learn different breathing techniques to help bring balance to the nervous system

-Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping 

-Understanding how trauma lives in the body and how to heal from it

-Learn how to listen to the body and what messages it wants to tell you

-How to process and move through emotions



-How to tap into and listen to your intuition

-How to operate in the world as an empath and/or highly sensitive person

-Ways to ground

-How to call on angels, archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides, or ancestors for guidance and comfort

-Ways to connect to and bring in unconditional love and light 

-Understanding soul contracts, karma, and past lives

-Discovering your soul mission for this lifetime

-Navigating the Ascension journey from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness and beyond